Xenogears Comic Anthology Scanlation


Today I’d like to present a complete scanlation of the Xenogears Comic Anthology. This project has been ongoing for over a year now, so I’m happy to finally release it to the public.

The comic anthology is a Xenogears manga consisting of short stories that take place in the past, present, and future of the game’s plot. It offers a mix of comical stories and serious character pieces that flesh out the lore.

List of chapters and authors/illustrators:
Chapter 1 – “Liquid Sky” – Clio Saga (Soraya Saga)
Chapter 2 – “A Place to Call Home. A Place to Protect” – Yoshihiko Ochi
Chapter 3 – “MOLLUSK” – by Kaoru Osada
Chapter 4 – “Daybreak’s Aria” – Rui Fushiki
Chapter 5 – “For Whom the World Ends” – Mirai Kidzuki
Chapter 6 – “MIDNIGHT FLYER” – Kotoni Shiroishi
Chapter 7 – “Likely for the Sake of Love” – Shizuma Azuma
Chapter 8 – “The Outcome of Depravity” – Rena Hanazawa
Chapter 9 – “A Day of Zero Progress” – Fubito Mikanagi
Chapter 10 – “The Choice is Yours” – Mira Aizawa
Chapter 11 – “The Grandest Scheme” – Kearuran
Chapter 12 – “Prince Bart’s Tumultuous Travels” – Akira Kusanagi
Chapter 13 – “Showdown!!! Midsummer Duel In the Desert” – Yuki Yanagi
Chapter 14 – “Leave it to Margie!” – Akira Katsuragi
Chapter 15 – “Funeral Wind” – Miho Kitano

The Team:
Feez – Organization & Typesetting
Peytral – Translation
Pure – TL Checking
OZKai – Scans & Editing



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