Xenogears’s 19th Anniversary Commemoration (February 11, 2017)

Xenogears celebrated its 19th anniversary earlier this year on the 11th of February. I joined in on the commemoration by posting my entire collection on Twitter and going through each item(s) one-by-one. I figured I’d transfer that thread into a blog post and provide additional detail that Twitter’s character limit hinders.

0206171548a-1My complete Xenogears collection, barring a few items. It’s my favorite video game, so over time I’ve collected a number of memorabilia.

An original black label copy of the the North American release. A sign of great power, as original release copies are generally harder to find.

The Xenogears Square Millennium Collection – Elly version. Comes with Elly and Chu-Chu figures. A Fei version exists as well, which comes with Fei and Bart figures. These are rare and definitely strictly collector’s items.

The original soundtrack, composed by legendary composer Yasunori Mitsuda. Mitsuda had become worldwide famous for his work on Chrono Trigger, so the team sought his talent. Takahashi Tetsuya (Xenogears‘ director) originally wasn’t convinced music had that much of an importance until he heard Mitsuda’s music in context of the scenario. Since then he’s held an extremely high opinion of Mitsuda and in some cases has refused to work on a game unless Mitsuda was involved. The two are reuniting in a full capacity in the upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

Yasunori Mitsuda’s “Creid”, an arranged soundtrack. It features several vocal arrangements. More information can be found here.

Piano music score for a few tracks, notably “A Distant Promise”. There are many piano arrangements available, this being one of them. It’s a small booklet.

Xenogears Perfect Works. The essential supplement to Xenogears, this is a must-read for fans. It contains many story, world, and character details, along with interviews. Many details and planned stories in the timeline are also discussed. It’s a thick book with lots to cover, and much of what is known about Xenogears‘ production history is from here. It also covers bits and pieces of events and themes that seem to have been tackled in games like Xenosaga and Xenoblade X. An English translation can be found here.

“Xenogears God Slaying Story”, some sort of non-canon prequel novel. Unfortunately it hasn’t been translated and little information about it exists.

“Xenogears: Thousands of Daggers”, a memorial album. It contains the game’s entire story script with accompanying screenshots. Definitely a nice collector’s item.

A Xenogears postcard book. Many different versions of these existed. I suppose they were all the rave back in the 1990s.

“Xenogears Comic Anthology”, a manga. It’s a collection of several short stories. Unfortunately I don’t believe translations exist.

The official Xenogears 4-koma. These are really fun to read and comical stuff. A tumblr dedicated to translating it exists.

“Small Two of Pieces”, a cute little Xenogears doujinshi. I discovered that Twitter user タナタカ’s wife is the author to this book, and I believe he himself contributed as well. It was a pleasant surprise to interact with him!

A 15th anniversary fan art anthology. This was a project undertaken by over 20 artists from deviantart and other sites. You can buy it here!

A “data notebook”. It contains some character design sketches, but it’s mostly just a blank notebook. I believe this was a pre-order bonus item.

Xenogears design works. I obtained these from a Yahoo auctions listing a while ago. They’re loose sheets. I don’t know where they’re from or how they were distributed. But they contain character design, object design, mechanical design, ship design, etc.

Notes and instructions for the animators working on the animated cutscenes in the game. I obtained these through a Yahoo auction listing as well.

C4a4I_lVUAArq8M.jpg large.jpg

A Xenogears calendar set. I believe these were a pre-order bonus item.



0206171550.jpgAn Elly poster~!


0211171553Beadsprites, magnets, and keychains that I’ve commissioned over the years. I’m always looking to expand this collection. In particular, I’ve had my eye out for the official keychains that were released in the 1990s. They’re extremely rare though, and I haven’t had much luck.

Well, that’s all! Next year’s going to be the big 20th anniversary. I don’t know what I’ll do to commemorate, but ideally I’d like to one-up what I did this year. Maybe I’ll make a video, or create an infograph or something. We’ll see!



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